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    Fin-Nor Offshore Spinning Reel

    If you fish beyond the limits of standard saltwater tackle and require hard-core drag capabilities and extra-heavy-duty mechanical strength, then meet the Offshore spin reels; arguably the most indestructible spin reels available. Giant yellowtail, GT and other kingfish, tuna and amberjack have never been so scared. Everything about these reels is big and strong. The line capacities are the largest of any saltwater spinning reel on the market — the 9500 takes 550m of 80lb braided line. The 6500, 7500, 8500 and 9500 are all capable of an amazing 60lb of drag pressure, courtesy of an oversized multi-stack 11-disc stainless steel and cotton/ carbonfibredragsystem.Thedrivegear,piniongearandcentre shaft are all stainless steel. The four ball bearings are all double- shielded stainless steel. The body, side plate, rotor and spool are all aluminium and the gear ratio is a powerful 4.4:1. If you want be confident your reel will withstand the most intense fish battles, an Offshore Spin is the workhorse you’re looking for.


    Code Model Bearings Line Capacity Ratio
    25020 Offshore SP OFS45 4 230m/20lb 4.7:1
    25021 Offshore SP OFS55 4 290m/20lb 4.7:1
    25022 Offshore SP OFS65 4 365m/20lb 4.4:1
    25023 Offshore SP OFS75 4 275m/25lb 4.4:1
    25024 Offshore SP OFS85 4 295m/30lb 4.4:1
    25025 Offshore SP OFS95 4 340m/30lb 4.4:1